Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am feeling utterly bored, isolated and lonely today!
I went on Facebook but because of the time difference there is no one to talk to in the UK. Even when I am on Facebook I am alienated, for example, by the deluge of X-Factor comments. I found myself watching some clips of X-Factor on U-Tube. Now that IS sad! I never missed Xfactor - every year until now! I have to admit I enjoyed it but also it is a social medium - a point of conversation - a point I can no longer share in!
So - why start a blog? I read a friend's blog every day (jezblog.com - go look for yourself!) but the primary purpose of his blog is to share fantastic photographs that he has taken all over the world - worth sharing and a life worth commenting on. (Jez, I hope you don't mind the link - I love looking at the amazing photographs you have taken and your fascinating take on the world!) ...but who would read my blog? Saddo watches X-Factor clips or goes to Walmart! ...but maybe it is also the mundane and ordinary that is also worth commenting on - I find my self a stranger in a strange land doing the strangest of things simply because I am not where I am familiar with. It is extraordinary the lengths we go to to feel normal. Take Saturday night for example - I accosted a woman in a shop because she was English! We met for coffee one morning and then arranged to meet up on Saturday with hubbies for drinks. She brought along another English couple. I enjoyed the evening and the company but it was a little weird! They were strangers. The commonality was that we all knew what Ribena was and missed Irish sausages! Her husband is American - I wonder if he felt strange that evening! I think maybe they have all lived in the US too long... as is the fashion, everyone goes home by 10! No cramming them in for last orders here!
So - who will read my blog? perhaps no one but I think I might gain a huge amount by writing one and externalising some of the strange experiences I am having as a stranger in a strange land. I might recognise that most things are not so strange at all. I might even do some more exciting things (other than having already packed my life into a cargo container and shipped it to North Carolina!).
Most of all if I sit here talking to myself - I wont feel quite so bored, isolated and lonely!


  1. Intresting view point, but speaking to yourself works helps solve problems (especially in my case)

  2. is this blog in your timezone???? because it says I posted my comment at 12:20 which isn't right are we really 8hours ahead

  3. Funnily enough you have not been here long enough...... rather than too long........ in the end this is your place...... and you love it......but you always feel slightly an outsider....... and when u go back to Britain you feel slightly an outsider there too....... as you don't know who won X-factor..... this is the constant condition for the ex-pat type...... I don't mind......I kind of like that...... but maybe I am innately a voyeur..... not a joiner in....... I am content to always be slightly an outsider...... kind of pale an interesting....... I kid myself :-))

    Cheers Jez XXXXXXXX

  4. git sum therapa. ye bist frind nowma stitts

  5. Voyeur - goes with the camera lense! :)
    Absolutely intersting - as a result of this my mom is following your blog Jez! x
    Hubby - even anonymously I know it's you x