Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is that an Outdoor Cat?!

I could smell it before I could see it this morning. Cat shit in the garage!
We have two cats - Cat 1 and Cat 2! (names changed to protect the identity of the cat shitter!)We took the cats' litter tray away on Sunday after fashioning a cat flap for them. As we are renting a house we cant just rip a big hole in the side door and stick a cat flap in. Well, we could but they have our $2300 deposit! We looked at buying a new door but then Hubby had an idea to open the one of the electric garage doors a few inches and put a plank of wood  underneath - almost the width of the door - thus leaving a small entrance/exit for the cats. He keeps telling me it will be great once I have painted it to match the door!
So - now they can go out! I wonder what they make of all the strange things... We had to get them cat passports! To be valid they have to be vaccinated against rabies and have a blood test to prove it. This is so they can return to the UK. The day they flew to the USA the vet phoned to tell me to bring Cat 1 back in as her jab hadn't worked - how does it not work? Too bloody late - she was in the departure lounge at Heathrow!
Trying to work out what they needed to enter the USA was impossible. DEFRA wont engage cos they only care about when they come back - not where they go, but where they go affects your ability to take them back! Arrggggg! I even phoned the North Carolina state vets office. They weren't sure what was needed and said just bring them - it will probably be OK! As it happens Hubby got interrogated more than the cats and they cleared customs faster than Americans arriving home! He does sometimes travel unshaven as you might expect a terrorist to so he gets picked on! They asked if he had cat food in his suitcase. You can imagine there wasn't a hint of derision in his voice when he said 'No cat food - I believe I can buy it in the supermarkets here.' Of course we now know that isn't quite true. It is Whiskers Jim, but not as we know it!
When we were looking for a house the Realtor asked if they were indoor cats or outdoor cats. I didn't know there were was a distinction. Over here they remove the cats claws and feed them 'indoor cat food' and they stay indoors. We were told on Saturday night that it was illegal in the state of NC to let your cat outside! I did a bit of research and couldn't find any evidence of this being true but I did find out that  fights between cats and dogs are illegal in some parts of North Carolina which is good news for Cat 1 and Cat 2. In other States the laws are not so cat friendly, for example they are not allowed to chase dogs up telephone poles in Minnesota and, in other states, have to wear a taillight (presumably outdoor cats) and three bells as a warning to birds! where is the fun in that for a cat? In Georgia they are not allowed to yowl after 9pm! In California cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. I was wondering if this was sex with each other or species exclusive! Given Dogs are not allowed to 'bother' cats in Kentucky it might not mean cats and dogs together! I know the Internet isn't always the best source of information so I checked with the vets. They can go out if they have an up-to-date rabies vaccination and a special tag to prove this! That means Cat 1 can't legally go out. If she is caught out will it be me or the cat that goes to jail?
On another note, according to the Internet research I did it is illegal in NC to take a deer swimming in water above its knees or use an elephant to plow a cotton field! MMmmmmm!
So, this morning I reflected on the madness of bringing them here. They (I) miss nanny cat sitting for them when we are away! It is a problem not having friends and family to help out with such things. My mom - even though she is allergic to cats, would willingly stay at my house looking after them. Maybe she had wild parties while we were away... I worry about taking them back although Hubby assures me that given Cat 1's overactive thyroid glands and age I needn't worry about 3 years time...
In answer to the title question 'Is that an outdoor cat?' after cleaning up the little dirty protest in the corner this morning I think I have one of each!

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  1. Nanny did not have any wild parties while Jane and Richard were away Not sure about the cats when i reflect on what was around some mornings when i got up Dead mice AND BIRDS , it has really set me wondering what did go on !!! Though i would love to still be able to cat sit