Thursday, November 25, 2010

No! Really! I'm lovin' it!

You could be forgiven for thinking I don't like America or Americans much. I guess I have focused on those things that irritate or bewilder me and that I find strange. Today I would like to give thanks to those people who have shown absolute warmth and kindness in welcoming me and my family. We spent thanksgiving with such people.
Admittedly it is irksome when they titter at words we use. For example, I got asked to pass the pot holders. I looked blank then realised it was the oven gloves they were after. They sniggered at 'oven gloves'.
'Of course you'd call them oven gloves,' done in a mock English accent. Well, that's what they are - gloves for the oven. Pot holders could be any number of things.I confess though I do laugh more at them saying 'erbs to be fair (for all you Facebook fans tbf). Although in return the mock 'Charlie bit my finger' is wearing really thin every time I call my son's name!
I got asked to bring sweet potato pie. I really didn't fancy it myself: sweet potatoes and an obscene amount of butter and sugar, topped with more sugar, butter and pecans (pronounced Pea Caaaarns). I also made Delia's roast Parmesan parsnips and just substituted parsnips for sweet potatoes (I'm such a wild child). They were better than the pie. (I think I should get some sort of fee from Delia for so much advertising). It was a big turkey roast with some weird trimmings - sweet potato, corn bread, other stuff with sweet corn - like Christmas dinner on the wrong day with the wrong trimmings... but good. There were lots of pies including pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie. I guess I should have refrained from sharing that 'pie' in the north-east of England meant something different. I tried to explain but it gets complicated when other slang doesn't mean the same... you know... pie is another word for fanny... but then Americans don't use that word either in the same way  so It may cause offence!! When you have to explain that much it wasn't a good idea to say it in the first place!
There were 18 family guests and other friends and it was nice. The whole thing has an autumn/harvest theme in line with the original meaning of  Thanksgiving. We got asked to write what we give thanks for on paper leaves and to stick them on the windows. I had to stop Hubby getting his coat. He's not partial to emotional outbursts.
I wrote mine and gave thanks for kind people who had invited us into their homes and lives and shared their thanksgiving with us. I am so glad I have some good friends here. I miss friends at home and, even though I may not have seen them often before I left the UK, I think about them virtually every day now. I am thankful for the new friends I have found here and I guess I will be missing them when I return home!

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  1. It makes me very happy to know that you have been made so welcome and have made so many good friends in such a short time. If i could write a thankgiving comment it would be a thankyou to allthe people that have made my daughter(baby) and her family so welcome.