Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Answers in triplicate please

When you fill in on-line applications where it asks for your occupation Home maker is an option. I never thought of it as a career move - but then I am not very good at it. Hubby plays a game every night when he gets in from work. It's called 'Guess what wifey did today'. He can rarely tell!
When I left work in May to come here I still checked my work emails. I was bereft when they cut off my access. I had spent so many years checking manically and responding to the deluge of emails on a daily basis, often deep into the night, that when they stopped it made my isolation more acute!
When I started this blog it was done in the heat of the moment. Boredom! After the first one a dear friend of mine emailed in utter alarm that I had 'started blogging  with mentalists'. I have to say - she is right - cyber-space is full of weird blogs. She and my mom assured me that I was loved and missed - although she did concede that I had always been strange.  I do confess the time I chose to write my first blog was driven by loneliness and boredom but that is not why I write it. I wanted to communicate, to write (and I amuse my self no end!)
I now do a mini replication of manically checking emails, face book and for comments on my blog! I know people are reading them because I have had emails from lovely people telling me. THANK YOU! but... no one is commenting. Communication is always a two way process. I would love to hear comments - good, bad or ugly from you. I've been told that it is really hard to leave comments. I didn't realise you had to have a particular account. To make it easier if you want to leave a comment - and I hope you do -I have added 'anonymous' as an option (where it says 'comment as') so you don't have to sign up. Although it can't be that hard - my mom was IT illiterate until she went on a computer course at Tudor Grange Academy in April. If fact she had NEVER used a computer before - and she babbles every day on my blog! Cheers Mom!
So come on! Stand and be counted- Sign up and talk to me and feel free to pass the link on to anyone... (Really ANYONE!!! Well maybe not menatist bloggers and anyone in NC - they might drive me out of town for taking the p*ss). I can end Hubby's mean game by telling him tea is not on the table because I am no longer a homemaker, I am a Blogger and I had correspondence to attend to. It's better than the excuses I come up with at the moment!


  1. There's lots to ask you about, Jane. Questions like - Have you actually met anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is equipped to be President? In UK papers she is often shown with a large weapon (or bear) or both.
    How long will you be in US do you think?
    Love pics of your travels.

  2. Don't ever change my darling, if you became a really good house wife(or as referred Homemaker)I would feel as if i did,nt know you,but to be honest Jane you are an excellent cook and blogger ! you can't be good at everything. Richard would'nt want to change you i hope and i dare say your good at other things. Carry on blogging it makes my day (i am getting quite good at this computer lark, in fact i love it. Thanks Jane

  3. I love reading your blogs Jane, it's like looking into another world (planet,even!), makes me smile. LJ x

  4. Hi Anonymous! I feel a blog about politics coming on! I am in the south where they HATE Obama and LOVE Sarah Palin. It quite shocks and scares me! Invitabley you dont get very far before the underlying racism emerges. I have been putting off writing about it but the little stories are gathering! I guess you could do the old joke - what's the difference between Sarah Palin and a rotweiler - Lipstick! She's on some reality TV show over here - I must watch it in the name of research!
    We expect to be here for 3 years and then who knows where!
    PS Thank you anonymous! This is exactly why I want everyone to comment! it gets me thinking about things over here that are strange.... x

    I feel Like an alien some of the time!

  5. Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

  6. Love reading all your adventures, Jane. I call myself a homemaker too 😁