Monday, December 13, 2010

Bucket Class

At check-in they were all smiles
'Sir, would you like to upgrade for a trillion air miles?'
I saw Hubby's resignation...Oh fuck it!
'No thank you, I'll sit with the wife and kids in bucket.'

Flight 173 - you can now board,
First class and frequent fliers before the hoard.
Not spent a fortune flying with us?
You're on last at the back of the bus.

I could stand to wait last in line
behind the people who fly all the time.
What I couldn't take was their smug faces
as they walked ahead - all airs and graces!

The order of boarding the plane
reinforces the American 'special club' game
Not a member? Wait til the very last
Made to feel like an outcast.

My seats may have been relatively cheap
I didn't have a lie flat bed for sleep
But to my delight I had room aplenty...
Bucket class was half empty!

When boarding they may have been quick
when it came to quick thinking I was slick
I grabbed three seats just for me
(daughter 2, son 2 and Hubby 3)
Our own lie flat beds for free!


  1. They say the best things in life are free. Was it worth the wait in the queue, i bet it was,

  2. your little ditty,
    is quite witty
    Deb.S xxx