Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year and all that Jazz!
I have to confess my 2010 has not ended in the wild fashion that would befit the year I have had! I have had the strangest year of my life and that deserved some celebration but after 4 days in Disneyworld and a 10 hour drive the most I could manage was some sparkling Pinot and a blog! No point opening Champers if you're knackered. I had planned some fireworks I smuggled in from Georgia but they will have to wait til tomorrow now! You can buy a gun in North Carolina from Walmart. When she moved house, one of Hubby's colleagues 'went into the yard and fired a couple of rounds off to show 'em I was packin'. That apparently is perfectly OK. Shoot your gun to show your neighbours you mean business. Dare to set of a firework and that is a criminal offence. My 'TNT Texas Cyclone, Mighty Python and Colour Pearl Flowers' could land me in Jail! (I'm sure those names mean something completely different in Thailand and would definitely put you in Jail). So my New Year's Eve has not gone with a bang and given I need to see in the New Year with Champagne and fireworks tomorrow there is no point pledging to give up alcohol as a resolution.
So what will my New Year bring me? Given how mad 2010 has been I can't imagine anything too crazy. I feel I need to settle down into my new life in a strange land and embrace the strangeness. I need to get out more, join in a few community activities and assimilate! To do this I picked up a 'Cary Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Program Brocure' for 2011. I have to say I am shocked by my options! Southern Appalachian Clogging for beginners may be good in the heart of the Pisgah Forest but for a girl from the original Birmingham? I cant see myself clogging to be honest. (I said CLogging). Then there is the 'Shag Beginner' and I quote 'Living in North Carolina and you still don't know about shagging? Learn the basic shag'. I'm sure the legal age is at least 18 here... I think I can do the basic shag and I get by on being self taught. So,  I have opted for Belly Dancing classes. When I went back to the UK a couple of weeks ago I got lots of comments about my weight. I was told my weight gain suited me! Well, I guess I have to put the super sizing to good use and make use of my extended belly! The classes promise to offer a work out 'while you explore your inner eroticness'. (is that even a word?). Anyway - put like that I'd rather belly dance than shag.
So - here's to the New Year. Bring on the strangeness! I'm ready for anything!

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  1. What on earth do they mean learn to shag, the mind boggles. You enjoyed belly dancing last time youhad a go. Go for it and enjoy yourself! your becoming a bit of a law breaker, first it was smuggling and now gunpowder, what may ask will it be next!!!!Enjoy your champers and fireworks