Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lion's Pride

Walt Disney said 'if you can dream it you can make it happen'. I hope you can also make sure it doesn't. I dreamt last night that I was walking along a beach where some construction for a bridge was going on. A wall had been built to hold back the sea. I had failed to notice a Pride of Lions. I woke with a start as a lioness pounced. I had got too close to her pride.
I see some meaning in this. Un-interestingly, there is a massive amount of road works going on in this rapidly expanding county. A new bridge across a new interstate opens next week so that part of the dream is easy to fathom. I have no idea where holding the sea back comes from. Maybe it is a warning of the biblical type disaster which will be unleashed if the locals discover my blog! My way to the promised land will be blocked like the Pharaoh of Egypt! I feel certain there is a direct link with the lions!
I was discussing American misspelling last night with our good friends and neighbours. In particular the spelling of 'our' words - neighbor, color, labor, harbor. Ever the diplomat, I accused Americans of being stupid... or lazy. He suggested that the 'U' really wasn't needed so that made the Americans the smart ones. I hastily pointed out that when I talked of Americans in a derogatory way, present company was excepted.
I have been fairly critical in my observations in America and I focus on the negatives - mostly because I find it funny and it amuses me. I would like to think that if my new friends and neighbours discovered my blog they would see the humour and the affection in it and my own disaffection at my situation rather than at them. I awoke this morning concerned that Americans are flag waving, allegiance swearing patriots who may find it hard to laugh at themselves or forgive me my blog.
I want to protect the people I know and care about here and need to remove any links in my blog that may lead to them personally. I am the key link so I am in the process of anonymizing it! Henceforth I shall be know as 'Stranger'! Not so much 'That's not my name' as now I have no name! I have changed the blog address but it can still be reached in the old way! I excitedly paid $10 for a new domain name. I wasn't concentrating when I purchased 'Stanger in a stange land. com'. Must be a subconscious aversion to 'R' (I wonder - do people who can't say their r's know they cant?) I had to buy another domain - I have limited IT ability so it has been a painstaking process, including setting up a new Gmail email so I could then rewrite all my comments as a stranger! I wonder - does this now make me a ghost writer?! I also need to redo all the links so that my name doesn't appear anywhere. The cats, the kids and the hubby are now unnamed! Work in progress - it may take a little time! I hope I don't lose any substance or readers along the way!!!
My dream bothered me- I feel the lioness is a metaphor for my closest friend here who may feel deeply offended - pride (as in her family) threatened by my reflections. So - My dear American friends - if you are reading this I am found out!  - I confess I am guilty of taking the piss but I never meant to cause you any personal pain!
A gift arrived from my sister yesterday - It is utterly fab - A t-shirt which has 'I'm totally blogging it' on the front and my blog address on the back. I don't feel able to wear it here.  Maybe if I was more confident and honest I would! It has been hard enough to settle and find friends in this strange land. My blogging has given me an outlet which I love. I read that according to a professor of psychology writing about upheavals in your life can help bring about improvements in mental and physical health. My blog is soothing for my soul but threatens my social life and friendships in America (conversley it brings me close to my friends in Britain!)  American friends or blog? I don't want to lose either, so for now I will press on with the secret blogging and I'll be proud to wear my shirt - with my own pride!


  1. Well my darling "no name" you wil always have me as a follower. So glad the lion did'nt catch you.If i was an Amaerican friend i am sure i would forgive you but i know you so well and know what a genuine person you are .

  2. The lion hasn't caught me ... yet!
    Genuine - hopefully... But that doesn't necessarily make me nice!!!

  3. Glad you liked you prezzie. You can put it with your "trailer trash" T shirt x

  4. At least you are proud of me! i wear it all the time (under my hoodie!) Subversive me! I have a dirty little secret!