Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm all for Neighbourhood Watch now that I have nothing to do all day. I can legitimately peek out from behind the nets every time I hear a car or voices and have a good nose in the name of neighbourly duty. I have to say - I never hear anything. It seems like a pretty safe area.  We were told when we arrived that if we were to find ourselves driving down any road named in honour of Martin Luther King to lock our car doors, don't stop and drive quickly out! By observation and bad route (pronounced ROWT here) planning we have driven down a few Martin Luther King Boulevards and highways. It is true - they are in shitty places, predominately black it would seem - but that isn't why they are dangerous. It is because they are in poor areas and it seems poverty breeds crime.
There are no nearby Martin Luther King roads. This is not a poor area. People don't even have house alarms. My very good friend who owns an alarm company in the UK could clean up! Perhaps I should start a franchise! Maybe they don't think they need an alarm. They have a warning system all of their own. There is a very active i-neighbors scheme where everyone signs up to an on-line community which shares information via email. Any untoward goings on can be posted on i-neighbours and the whole neighbourhood is alerted.  I love the way it shares how long you have been a member in any post - a status symbol of being a good neighbour!!!

A recent one from a real inspector Clouseau who had been watching too much CSI read:
Dec 28  Member Since: 22 December 2007
We noticed a silver van parked in front of our home with a person sitting inside (not sure how long it had been there). I decided to go out and check it out (walking my dog). As I was going around the house two people came from the east and one person came from the west and all three joined the driver in the van. As I walked down past the van it started up and took off. This seems suspicious but I didn't see them do anything else that would lead me to believe they did any misdeeds. However, I have the van's license number if anyone should need it.

I wondered what the residents on any Martin Luther King Boulevard would post?
White caucasion nutters suddenly driving at high speeds, going through red lights and looking round furtively...

I signed up on-line but didn't leave any details other than my email. People here seem very willing to give out family history anywhere and add a few photos for good measure. At school, the PTA compile a directory of contact details for the family of every kid in every class. I gave my email address only. I just checked on i-neighbors. It had names, address, contact numbers... pictures of the kids. I dont want complete strangers - in a strange place knowing who my children are, what they look like and how to contact them! I guess they dont worry about pedophiles here... too worried about prowlers. I read a recent alert on i-neighbors entitled 'Prowlers' and I swear I haven't changed a word!

Dec 18   Member Since 15 July 2008
Hey everyone,
We just had an unknown person banging on our back door and then running. We found boot prints on our back patio. Our back lights were off at the time, but are now on, and we have asked
Cary Police to drive through the neighborhood. Patrolled the area around our house and notified our neighbors.
Please be wary - very well could be someone casing houses in the neighborhood looking for a place to break in

Dec 18   Member Since 25 August 2009
We just returned home an apparently were visited by the "prowlers". They unplugged our Christmas lights and took the numbers off the sale signs at the entrance and put them on our house.

Dec 18  Member Since 15 July 2008
Hopefully it's just someone playing pranks, but you can never be too careful this time of the year. Just wanted everyone to be made aware. What happened to us is pretty typical of someone "testing" the house to see if anyone is home, etc.

Dec 19  Member Since 16 March 2008
We had a Subway sandwich and soda shoved in to our mailbox Saturday night. Keep an eye for out for any suspicious activity on your street. It could be one person or a group rooming the neighborhood.

Jan 14 11 10:02 PM  Member Since  22 December 2007
We just had 3 teenagers in our backyard run up and yell at the window - scared the hell out of us. I ran outside to catch them but they were gone. A neighbour was outside looking for them as well. They just finished vandalizing his house. We called Cary police and the State Trooper that lives behind us to notify them. Time to install some motion-sensor lights around the house.

I did wonder what teenagers did over here as I never see any. Now I know what they do (well, at least 3 of them anyway!!!).


  1. Thats the reason they have left the christmas lights on outside . Cheaper than paying for securtity lighting

  2. Just be Wary in Cary...............

  3. Well Ms Jane, it just sounds like teenagers playing pranks... just like we did (or I did) when we were teenagers!

  4. Ha! very clever! I was wondering why they still had Christmas lights up in the middle of January - potentially dangerous though if it attracts teenagers!
    I'm always wary...Especially in Cary! Could be the start of a beautiful poem!
    Having had a few subway sandwiches I can understand why someone would have discarded it!
    I did very naughty things as a teenager - I'm sure you didn't Jason! Too good and kind!