Monday, January 10, 2011

State of Emergency?

The good folk of North Carolina, began the day with a real sense of purpose. You can see it on their faces. you can feel the sense of heightened anticipation and excitement in the air. There is even a whiff of fear.... although that may have just been the American equivalent of the Sunday Dinner effect for the particular individual I was unfortunate enough to be stood behind in the queue for check out. The supermarket was mad. The bread shelves were empty, milk fridges seriously depleted and they were all out of donuts.
The schools that weren't closed last night or this morning have announced early release for the children that have gone in. My horrors are due home 2 1/2 hours early. You cant take any chances. As soon as they are safe we can baton down the hatches, seal all entrances and just hope that Hubby gets back safely. We wont be able to let him in by evening - he will have to sit in his car- although they have just warned on the news not to do that - cars get cold in winter! No shit, Sherlock!
The cause of all this intense preparation? It MAY snow. There MAY be quite a bit! There has been so much snow overnight in other places that the southern states of Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama have declared a state of emergency. And I thought we got a bit over excited in Britain when it snowed!
The roads have been brined, not salted - brined, maybe in a salty broth- like most American food. The Brine will make all the SUV drivers feel invincible in the snow. I might find a safe place to watch them pirouette later! At the moment there hasn't been a single flake in Cary and the children will be home in a matter of minutes! But... We are ready for the pending snow storm - which may result in as much as 3 - 6" before turning to freezing rain. I thought snow was freezing rain- what do I know? The weather man has warned that although the storm will be over by tomorrow there will be 'refreeze issues'. It's America - they have to warn of the danger of refreezing something once it has defrosted. Like defrosted chicken - it could kill you if not cooked thoroughly first! Lets hope for a mini heat wave before refreezing!
The worst thing about the schools closing is, over here, they have to make up the days! The school shut before Christmas because of snow. The kids had to return to school a day early after the Christmas holidays! If school shuts tomorrow they lose a day in February... that would be the long weekend I was planning to go skiing. oh well- maybe I'll be able to ski out of our cul-de-sac and down the road if we ever get any of the threatened snow!

The children came home and still there was no snow. Hubby came home and still there was no snow. Just for good measure the school has delayed the start of the day tomorrow for two hours... just in case the snow eventually arrives in the night! If it does I will be so glad I got extra oranges to guard against scurvy while we are cut off from civilisation!

The update on the school website is that school is closed for the day. The make-up day will be a Tuesday in February - on the last day of my planned ski weekend. Can I go out and build snow men toady with the kiddies to make up for this? NO! because there isn't any snow! Last night there was a bit of sleet and freezing rain (I don't know the difference!) There was also some freezing drizzle (no - don't know why that isn't just sleet either). This precipitation froze - making 'unbrined' roads icy... apparently. The view from my window now is of a WET road. No ice! No snow! Still... No school! But - hey - you cant be too careful! ...Well actually you can!


  1. Thats way over the top and i thought that we were the only country that could'nt cope, I t makes us look like real pioneers ,at least we do wait until it snows. Makes me proud to be british!!!!

  2. from Jason:
    At least our schools shut after the snow has fallen! Not sure about making up the days lost, up later in the year? How would staff on holiday cope?