Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A commercial break #1

I worry that one day I will have exhausted all the things that there are to comment on in this strange land. That day has not come yet! Somehow, almost everyday there is something new! A little gem given to me! Rather than having nothing to say I sometimes struggle with the content of my blog - because I have so much information on a topic I don't know where to start. One of those topics is advertising in the USA, especially local business ads,  medical, financial and legal ads. I recognise the danger of discussing advertising and taking the piss out of big companies here in the states. I've seen the ads for law firms offering to represent anyone injured by another party. I'm more on the insult than injury but in case of potential litigation I should make it clear now I abdicate any responsibility for the content of this blog, true or otherwise!
Anyway, rather than write one big blog where lots of companies try to sue me for one blog post I thought I'd make it easier for them by looking at individual and small groups of ads and that way they could better target their litigation.  I've decided that I ought to share some of these ads as mini commercial breaks in my blog. 30 second snippets - little peaks into the strange world in which I find myself. This also means that when I am not able to post a full blog (I have obligations... cupcakes to bake!) I can still share something! A short blogget!
Here goes. Tonight Applebees (it is a registered trade mark- it might help me later if I say that now...or should I pretend I didn't know that?!)  advertised their local restaurant. Applebees is a typical big American restaurant chain. I haven't eaten in an Applebees restaurant yet but I'm sure the food is good. Most big chains are pretty good and consistent.
Here's the last line of their ad:

Applebees - open until midnight or earlier

Gotta hand it to them. An amazing selling point!


  1. I'll hold you to the cupcakes, will i get them if i come earlier or later!!!! Do i hear you saying much much later?

  2. should that be open until midnight or into the next morning?

  3. I think midnight or earlier means if u go at 8-30 PM maybe even 7PM depending how they are feeling...... they may be closed.......... which would be not very corporate of them lets face it .........hehehe....... experience tells me they mean some are open till 1AM blah blah hehehe........ :-)))


  4. I had the misfortune of eating in Applebees today. I was drawn to it since I had written about it. I had a weird shrimp salad, with a smoked bacon and balsamic dressing, I am reminded of at regular intervals through unwelcome burping!
    On their flyer in the restaurant it said open til midnight or later. That makes the commercial even weirder! But Jez you are right - they shut when they feel like it and Jase - I think the logic is right - by earlier - they may mean earlier the next day!!!