Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commercial Break #2

Where I live in North Carolina was once a forest. Until a recent Google Earth update the house wasn’t on there, just signs of a building site and lots of trees. I don’t have to drive far before I come across more deforestation to make way for more houses and highways. They are chopping trees down all over the place. Sometimes, whilst paying in stores, they ask you if you want to donate some money to a cause. I was once asked to donate a dollar to a ‘plant a tree’ scheme. I waited for the ‘candid cameras’ to appear. Apparently it wasn’t a joke. In the local supermarket I did once pay to send a ‘pie’ to a soldier. It appealed to my sense of humour.
Today in my mailbox there was an envelope with ‘MONEY MAILER’ blazoned across. The strap line in large letters- their trademark-  is ‘Like getting money in your mailbox’.
Having opened it, it was nothing like getting money in my mailbox. Had there been some money in there I would have been impressed – depending on the amount of money. Even when money is given, the amount matters. I’ve seen the look of disappointment at birthdays when someone opens a card and only one note floats out from great Aunty Edna. I’ve seen people open the card wider, shake it and look in the envelope for more. Worse still though is no money when you are expecting some! So you can imagine my disappointment when there was no money in the envelope.
What was inside was a very thick pile of coupons. Coupons for money off things I would never want to buy. Air-conditioning systems, carpet cleaning, custom closets…They love their closets! (actually I like them too!) One ‘coupon’ was asking me to donate my car to support troops. I have already donated a pie (although it wasn’t my own – I paid for a fresh pie!) There were several for dentists. I might keep those. I still haven’t found a dentist yet. At least if they are advertising they aren’t full like all British dentist practices.
The cost of sending the coupons must be high. I guess I haven’t got into the American coupon culture. People must use them otherwise they wouldn’t send them. Today is recycling collection (they do a bit here but recycling isn’t big). I will put the coupons in to be recycled into more coupons. At least I know what happens to all the chopped down trees around here. They become ‘money’ in people’s mailboxes. So I guess you could say money really does grow on trees, only it also really does cost the earth!


  1. You can shake away at the envelopes i send cause it won't hold any money maybe a pkt of gravy or chilli mix !!

  2. heY thank you- I should keep the carpet cleaning coupons too! We live in a rented house with cream carpet! somethig tells me I am going to need carpets cleaning before we leave or some top advice from your website to remove cat and kiddie stains!

  3. Your going to have to explain the "Pie" thing ???? Deb.S xxxxx

  4. http://www.strangerinastrangeland-blog.com/2010/11/no-really-im-lovin-it.html
    I mention pie in that blog too! may be I am just too rude! I really did pay for a cherry pie to be sent to the troops, but pie in the North East of England is another word for female bits!!!