Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Commercial Break #3 Garden and Gun

I sat this morning awaiting my thrice weekly torture at the Chiropractors. Today I went in feeling great and came out in pain following another sickening twist of my spine. It can’t be right! I’m beginning to think each visit is designed to necessitate the next. While I was waiting for my appointment I picked up a magazine from the rack, this month’s edition of Garden and Gun. Wtf?!!
Some things are made for each other and naturally partner for magazines such as ‘House and Home’, Horse and Hound’ and ‘Homes and Gardens’ but 'Garden and Gun'?! What sort of readership does that attract? AK47 wielding old ladies who tend to their azaleas when not firing a few rounds at the local Tea Party gathering (perhaps a cup cake tea party rather than the ultra right wing political group?!)
It certainly makes for a heady mix of articles!
In this month’s magazine an article entitled ‘The art of the Fillet Knife’ describes ‘…a fillet knife you’d actually want to hand down to your children’. Funny – there are some things I want to hand down to my kiddies but a fillet knife has never occurred to me as being a desirable family heirloom! To illustrate the incongruent mix, another story, unconnected to guns in any way shape or form is about gardening in the Appalachians with ‘rare pinkshell azaleas’. They love their azaleas here – with good reason.  Perhaps Garden and Gun are married together in the article about the ‘versatility’ of Rhubarb. Perhaps that is where the fillet knife comes in handy. I didn't get chance to read it!
It was a nice magazine, fully of glossy pictures …of gardens…and guns (and man things like fishing) Maybe it is the ultimate his and hers loo magazine,  something to leave for all guests to read in the bathroom. The strap line of the Magazine is ‘The talk of the South’. I think 'Garden and Gun' is such a mad combination it is certainly a talking point for me today!


  1. Maybe they sit in their gardens with their guns and shoot anyone that looks like an Azalea thief

  2. I wish I had thought of that! I think you must be right! I dread to think what they might do with the fillet knife afterwards!
    Do old ladies fish?

  3. Some of us do !!!!! We also go to any lengths to protect our Azaleas

  4. Being a commercial gardener I can readily see the synergy of having a gun!

  5. I can see that! Maybe the guns are needed to keep those pesky deer from eating the flowers! Saw a herd of them just 5 minutes from the house today! They come out at night to eat all the gardening delights.