Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fool for Your Lovin'

I thought about writing a canny April fool’s Blog. In the UK if you try to fool someone after you are the fool! The joke can last all day here in the states. (actually – it seems it can be fairly permanent!) Not wanting to appear a fool I was concerned about timings! If I wrote a trick blog and it was read in the UK – given the 5 hour time difference it could back fire.
I have been feeling extremely homesick the last few weeks. I have no idea why the intensity now. The closer I get to my trip home in a couple of weeks time the harder it feels to be here. I thought about writing a blog about how sensitive and supportive hubby has been during my melancholy but everyone who knows him would see straight through it and see that it was an ‘April fool’!
So – here is a small snap shot into my Hubby’s approach to me feeling down:
This all happened within 10 minutes – a bombardment! Hubby came home after being out for 12 hours at work. 12 hours where I didn’t really speak to anyone (apart from the kiddies and my Mom).  This is the standard of conversation I get when he walked through the door:
He said ‘You seem to be in a better frame of mind – you are cleaning the kitchen’. I was puzzled. I couldn’t connect the two things. He said ‘Well about every month or so you seem to get energised and clean cupboards’. I’m still fairly perplexed as to how that demonstrates a good mood! I think it just makes him feel better.
Our son is colour coded for behaviour at school each day. Hubby asked what colour he was on. He then asked me what I had done today – His favourite past time – ‘Guess what wifey did today?’ I saw the idea form, the glint in his eye before he decided I too was ‘Green’ today. This was awarded for my efforts on the kit form dolls house I am making for my daughter’s birthday. It is a very grand affair. A house just like the ones we saw in Charleston; three stories high with a porch. The difference in price between kit form and completed dolls house was about $400. When I opened the box I could see why. Even the window frames have to be constructed, after being painted. Every roof tile is separate and had to be stained individually. 1500 of them. Her birthday is in May. After I explained the painstakingly process I had gone through today, painting the window frames twice, he said ‘Perhaps you should have started in January!’
Hubby knows writing my blog gives me a sense of purpose. He informed me that my last blog post wasn’t very good. The only way I can get him to read them is to email them to him. I appreciate constructive criticism. I’ll see how he likes it when I email this to him!
He then did a double take. ‘Is that a padded bra? Pedicure; padded bra; You’re getting to be like a desperate housewife’.
‘Yes and I shall be shagging the gardener next’ (shagging for any American readers is NOT a dance in the UK – it is more of a jig!)
This was designed to shut him up but he was on a roll, ‘I would if I were you, I’ve seen him…’ I reflected on this. The gardener’s help is indeed a handsome young chap with a six pack but he is very short. As Hubby pointed out – padded bra height.
I asked him if he would care if I did. He said ‘No, but do you think you could try me first…’
I don’t have a fool to contend with just on April 1st.
You might be feeling very sorry for me at this point but the thing is, he has never been any different. Living in this strange land and feeling as stifled as I do it is so refreshing to have a complete arse for a husband! x

Check out this link for the top 100 April Fools (hubby doesn't appear on the list - I might for putting up with him) of all time:


  1. Very good indeed! Very British. Mind tou, hubby sounds like a man after my own heart!

  2. Ann Said:
    He does'nt change at all, how i missed his sarcasum. It's not a nasty type just hs sense of humour.At least you have got one thing that stay constant in your life. and you would'nt change that for the world and neither would any of us that know and love him.hold tight not ;long now xxx

  3. You would,nt like him at all... trust me i'm your mom !!!!

  4. lol My husband is an arse too. lol