Saturday, March 19, 2011

A full English!

I have an Irish friend who is so Irish I thought he was American when I first met him! Well, the American accent comes from somewhere. Scottish – Canadian. Irish- American. He is one of those people who will try anything and do anything. He exudes fearlessness. He will challenge you on anything and you have to run the gauntlet on whether he knows bugger all or everything about a subject when you choose to engage. He didn’t just kiss the Blarney Stone; he bit chunks of it, chewed it and spat it out. I wonder if that kind of confidence comes from hiding inner self doubt. I love him for the touch of vulnerability glimpsed very occasionally like the shadow of a cloud momentarily across a sunny sky.
He makes the perfect breakfast. I’d like to say the perfect English breakfast but a perfect full English is Irish! It has to be Irish sausages and Irish white pudding. Bacon needs to be Danish! Free range eggs and Heinz baked beans are also a must. The day after St Patrick’s Day, at great expense, my mail order Irish breakfast arrived from New York. Shipped in dry ice and ill prepared for our current heat wave and 25ÂșC+ weather. The stuff arrived a little warm. I was a little concerned. Not so concerned that I didn't cook it and eat it!
American breakfasts are good if you are here on holiday but long term they just don’t cut it. Bacon is thin and streaky and usually smoked. Sausages are ‘fragrant’. Bread is sweet. Pancakes are like ‘Scottish pancakes’ – mini sponges and it just isn’t right! Think MacDonald’s breakfast and you have the substance and flavours.
Today I made a full ‘English’ Breakfast – Sausages ‘with ingredients imported from Ireland’). They were perfect. English ‘style’ bacon,  white pudding (with ingredients imported from Ireland’), mushrooms, Heinz beans (at $2.50 a tin!) tomatoes and fried bread made from HOMEMADE white bread. Free range eggs 'sunny side up'! All washed down with orange juice (Florida) and Tea (English breakfast). A 'full English' from all over the world!
It was damn fine!


  1. That's it, I'm off for an all day ENGLISH breakfast.......... And when I can't eat my dinner later I will be blaming you x

  2. Sounds wonderful. Did you or hubby cook it ? I must say hubby's "full english "are the best and am hoping he gets to cook me one (it will be my treat)xxx

  3. Sean I seem to remember your FB status bragging of a Full English which set me off on the internet seach to find the stuff here! You've got no one to blame but yourself! lol
    I cooked it! I confess I wrote the blog about it last night after a few glasses of wine - dreamed about it all night and a sausage sarnie with Brown sauce was just the hangover cure I needed! Cant beat it!
    For dinner today I have invited friends (Irish) round for an English roast! Beef Wellington, Roast pots, Yorkshire puds and sprouts! (and gravy mix posted from the UK by my Mom) Oh and Colman's Mustard!

  4. but no red wine for me! ...maybe just a little drop!

  5. Sprouts!!! eugh!, you've spoiled it

  6. Make your hair curly!

    (My mom said that about everything I hated to eat! It couldn't be any straighter!)