Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Thy i-neighbor

i-neighbors is literally an on-line community for the local neigbourhood. Instead of knocking on your neighbour’s door and talking face-to-face you can talk virtually to all of your neighbours behind your closed door. No casual dropping in to borrow sugar or have a cuppa, unless a formal invite has been issued via ‘evite.’ 
i-neighbors is great for sharing information quickly. I found out more information on i-neighbors when the children were in ‘lock-down’ at school during a local bank robbery than I did from the school. It also acts as a ‘neighbourhood watch’. It also seems to offer support or information on all sorts of other things, most of which I feel I never need to know about. The hot topics this week are ‘grass’ (demanding a blog all on its own) and this was posted today (exactly as it was written…I have taken out the model number so that the dishwasher cannot be identified- I don’t like to name and shame!):

I'm just wondering if anybody might have had similar issue like mine and may shed lights on this problem? I've been using this stainless-steel dishwasher (model number …) for 2 months and have noticed quite a few times that the glasswares came out cloudy and spotty. For the details, I only used the manual dispenser instead of the Smartdispenser setting. So far I tried two different Cascade powder packs (one green, one blue), both had similar poor performance. In contrast, they were great when used in my old house. Right now, I'm sure the loading was fine according to the manual, and I even made trials for just loading a few pieces, but the outcome was still the same. I've also checked the water hardness here, which is 2.14 grains/gallon according to the water lab, so I know the detergent amount I put in was fine (1/2-1/3 full). Currently, I'm contacting the builder to take a look at the issue. Any input/suggestion are welcome. Thank you very much.

A few responses come to mind:

We had this problem back in Blighty but found if you pay your dishwasher a decent salary and have a little chat with them now and again regarding personal hygiene, you can all but eliminate any ‘spotty’ issues. I prefer a more mature dishwasher, when they have tended to out- grow acne.
Depending upon what you put in the ‘glasswares’ will depend on how much you care about the end results of washing them. Try Vodka. NEAT!
The builder is very talented… at building houses. The dishwasher was made independently of that process. Not sure the builder will be of much use
Life really is too short! Get one!

As it happens the real responses are better:
This could be more of a water than dishwasher issue. The Town is currently doing some flushing of their main water lines, and the different "ingredients" in our tap water may be the culprit. We had the same issue in our former home due to those very water main flushings by the township and the problem rectified itself after a few weeks.

Now I am concerned! Flushings? Ingredients? Tap water! All three should not be in the same sentence! And certainly not in my glasswares!
A further response:
We saw a story on the news about this! (I did tell you the News was limited to local issues here!) It caught our attention because we've noticed a difference too. (Why haven’t I? – must be the Vodka!) This is what was reported: dishwasher detergents can no longer have phosphates in them because of some "environmental issue"; they MIGHT be getting into streams/lakes and hurting fish.  The phosphates are necessary to really CLEAN the dishes.  I don't think this is a water problem or a malfunctioning dishwasher.  It's the dang SOAP! Hope this helps...

Thank heavens! Dishwasher tablets no longer contain phosphates….Fish will no longer glow in the dark. I do not feel so assured about things. I have never given a toss about my glasswares but I drink water. I am still hung up on the first response. My flushed water has ‘ingredients’ in it that could be to blame for leaving ‘glasswares cloudy and spotty’. I wonder what the ingredients do to the fish. Worse still, could these ‘ingredients’ be responsible for driving what may well be intelligent, college educated American folk to write inane comments on i-neighbors for all to see? Even more worrying, I go one step further. Having consumed the ‘flushings’ from my tap with strange ‘ingredients’ added, I not only find myself reading i-neighbors, I actually spend time thinking about it, writing about it and I share it with you! It must be something in the water! dang WATER! Still, there is hope. The neighbour says the ‘problem rectified itself after a few weeks.’ Let’s hope I and the dishwasher are restored to full working order. If not, we can always add a little phosphate. I’ll borrow a cup from an i-neighbor!


  1. You've spelled neighbour wrong!'re turning inexorably yankee. Dang Yankees. Probably the 'flushings' doing their stuff

  2. Dang! Hopefully I have only spelled neighbour wrong when referring to i-neighbors because that is American but even my spell-checker insists on defaulting to the US version. I refuse to tell google where I am in the hope that it thinks I am in the UK!
    I really struggle not to mark teacher's notes with a red pen for their incorrect spellings (usually anything ending in 'our')

  3. I would say get your dishwasher changed. I think you would like to mark some of the miss spellings i do, with your marker!

  4. "flushings". Makes it sound like you are now drinking and using toilet water to wash your dishes, eeww lol.

    For the record, I am Canadian and I spell things like neighbour and colour despite spell check. :D