Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aches and Pains!

I hit my hand with a hammer yesterday. I was trying to progress the building of my daughter’s doll’s house. It hurt. My knuckle has a deep purple bruise on it.
It was nothing compared to the pain I felt trying to progress the renewal of my son’s passport – stuck somewhere in the bureaucracy of a government organisation. It is my fault. I trusted the advice on the UK passport site about renewing a passport in a foreign land. It said allow 4 weeks. I allowed 7 weeks. I forgot the maxim ‘trust no one, not even yourself’. I failed to make a sensible and trustworthy decision – which would have been to fly to the UK and renew the passport while I was there! I have two days before I fly or change the flight date (for the small fee of $1000). I can’t change that unless I know when I will get the passport! The premium rate $2.50 a minute UK ‘careline’ has done nothing to help or care. It seems the most thay can do is email the Embassy in Washington! They said they had done that a week ago and ‘someone’ would contact me within 72 hours. When I phoned after 5 days they told me that the 72 hours expired that evening. Even taking out the weekend and using GMT, there is still something amiss! They mistook my extreme stress for rudeness. They probably emailed the embassy and said ‘stroppy cow, make her wait’. That’s exactly what I’m being made to do! Today, they said they could email again…with a 72 hour response time. I don’t have 72 hours left!
I read that scientists have discovered that you do in fact ‘feel’ emotional pain in the same way that you feel physical pain (Time Magazine, April 11). They experimented on jilted participants. When they were shown pictures of their ex the same pain circuit in their brains lit up as when they were probed with a heat sensor (sounds like fun!). The intensity of emotional ‘hurt’ activated the same pain pathways that are tapped into by something physical such as a slap …or hammer to the knuckle.
The challenge is how to treat such pain! For my knuckle an ice pack would help. For the stressy headache I have, a tablet might ease it. There seems to be no easy remedy for the pain caused by the prospect of not going home to the UK on Thursday.
When I am stressed I sometimes try ‘Paul McKenna’ type associations. This involves sitting calmly and visualising the place you feel at your happiest. You are supposed to squeeze your middle finger and thumb together, Zen like, to give the thoughts a physical trigger. When you feel anxious, in theory all you need to do is trigger the calming visions by a squeeze of the fingers. Doesn’t bloody work for homesickness! Like the participants shown pictures of their ex’s, my vision causes the pain. I visualise the beautiful Dorset coastline at Seatown!   I thought I would be there for the Easter weekend. It hurts more than a hammer!
Perhaps some in this strange land might say my misfortune is a result of my blaspheming and criticisms of the Church in my blogs. If there was a God, he would not be this malevolent!
I have two days left, 2 days in which to drive to Washington to collect the passport if I have to, if I can! Two days where my son can ask, as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning ‘Is my passport here today?’ Two days to hope. Two days to pack. Two days to carry on with the dolls house and just hope I don’t get anymore hammer blows!

I may aswell be in outer space!


  1. Bureaucracy FFS!!!!! Hope you make it

  2. FFS! I've even lost my sense of humour today!

  3. :( got no words........Deb.S xxx

  4. Hugs. It has nothing to do with God. If it was, that's shit, because my ex has an appointment with Him that is long over due. I hope you get your passport a.s.a.p.