Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ask a stupid question!

We went to get my son some new shoes on Sunday. The assistant presented us with some sandals – light blue camouflage. My son gets mistaken for a girl on occasion. His hair is longer than the standard issue military crew cut and it is very blond. He has a bit of a surfer dude hair do. He is also very pretty! Having said that, only a buffoon would mistake him for a girl and offer him girls’ sandals. I told the assistant this. He was clearly offended as he pointed out that the sandals were for boys. I contested ‘but they are girly blue’.
‘That, madam, is the official military camouflage of the American Navy.’
It was a good job SEALs (The United States Navy SEa, Air and Land) were otherwise occupied in a top secret mission that day or I might have been in trouble. My hat off to them! Brave people who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifices.
The death of Osama Bin Laden has of course been welcome news in America, for those who knew who he was. Apparently the fifth most popular search on google on Sunday night was ‘Who is Osama Bin Laden?’. Might seem like a really stupid question to most of the Western world but 66% of those asking this question were between 13-17 years old! Young enough not to care but I would have thought old enough to remember the horror of 9/11.
Just as an aside the conception of my children have a curious link to the twin towers. The first was conceived on the day the towers collapsed (I hope it doesn't become one of those classic questions like what were you doing the day Elvis died) and the second child was conceived three years later, the day we visited Ground Zero in New York. Perhaps it was something to do with the absence of those phallic symbols that lead to two erections in their honour… I'm reminded of a Monty Python sketch from the Life of Brian 'we've had sex twice and we've got two children...'
Anyway - you could say it was good that the the teenagers on Sunday night were interested and asking ‘who is Osama bin Laden’ and that the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask. That is something I would encourage my classes to believe when I was a teacher. I would encourage them and suggest that they would only be asking the questions other people were too afraid to ask. It is part of learning but there are stupid questions that really shouldn’t be asked and no one else is wishing someone more confident would stick up their hand and ask it - like when someone asked ‘Do those twins share a birthday’ or ‘Going anywhere nice on your holidays?’ No! I’m going somewhere shit! Or ‘Do you know Sheena Easton? Or ‘Do I look good in these jhorts? 
One stupid question on twitter was ‘who is Osama? Is he in the band as well?’ WTF!!!
One commenter, horrified by the stupidity of his peers not knowing who Bin Laden was, said:
If you saw the movie Super Size Me, you saw the alarming demonstration of kids who could identify Ronald McDonald, but not Jesus. Wow.’  
I wanted to ask – now who is being stupid? Ronald McDonald is a registered trademark. What does Jesus look like? – I wasn’t aware of any official descriptions, pictures, portraits of the man. I would be alarmed if kids could identify Jesus and not Ronald MacDonald. (Saddened too that Ronald has infiltrated their little minds). Who can identify Jesus from a lineup? Not me! I defy anyone to!
Now people might be forgiven for asking ‘who is Osama Bin Laden?’ because suddenly he is been referred to as Usama rather than Osama. There are several possible reasons for this. One for the conspiracy theorists – for which there are many, in the absence of photographs, that the real Osama bin Laden was not killed. Perhaps, rather than tell an out right lie they (them conspirators) are saying 'Usama' is dead. Could be a different bloke.
Another reason could be that they have got his name wrong for the last 10 years and have finally got it right!  Perhaps they called him Osama to piss him off while he was alive. He probably sat in his cave screaming at the TV ‘It’s bloody Usama you bastards’.
The most likely reason for the name change is that it is very close to Obama, As in President Obama of the USA. Fox News, notoriously extremely right wing, have made a few gaffs in the last week, announcing ‘Obama is dead’ and ‘Let’s kill Obama’. I’m sure they didn’t do this for cheap political point scoring and school boy sniggers (Osama? Obama? Whatever!) but if they didn’t then they are just stupid rather than mean and stupid and need help…Usama is different enough for them not to confuse it with their President! The eighth most popular search on Sunday from Yahoo! and a very stupid question was 'How tall is Osama bin Laden?' Maybe this was Fox News presenters still trying to distinguish between the two men!


  1. God bless America, and all who sail in her. FFS! That newsreader never even flinched. lol

  2. I've added a couple more clips - there are too many! I feel a conspiracy theory coming on!

  3. I don't think the rest of the world was that confused!!!

  4. ROFL. Even my hubby had a good chuckle.