Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog 100!

I was about to write a blog on my experiences of the Royal Wedding, State side but then I noticed it was to be my 100th post! Does that make it a special occasion? Special enough to displace a royal wedding blog? Not really but I’ve started now so, like Magnus Magnusson, I’ll finish.
100 blogs! Some mad, some sad and some downright bad! I mostly set out to amuse on the strange things I encounter as a Brit abroad. I like to keep it light-hearted and silly. Occasionally I spout about other stuff, more serious and even more opinionated than I usually am. Sometime I take strong stances and don’t always consider the consequences! Sorry!
Most of my blogs might well offend Americans. My American readership is growing at an alarming rate! It is only a matter of time before I will have to move! Sorry!
None of my blogs are meant to offend individuals, but I know some things can be taken personally. I have a friend who is still put out (mostly because I said he was an aging relative - he isn’t – a relative, that is!!! x) that I misquoted an email from him, about my blog, for comedy effect. As I did this anonymously, only he knows – that was until he told everyone! Sorry!
Did you know that ideas cannot have a copywrite? What you say and write can, so I have probably broken lots of rules by quoting people and things without permission. Sorry!
I pilfer ideas from all over the place – like my favourite bird, the bowerbird who collects blue things and builds a beautiful bower to attract a mate. The bird with the bluest, brightest show gets the girl. If I lived in Australia I would leave a pile of blue things for the Bowerbirds in the same way old ladies in the UK leave fat balls out for sparrows! I hope my collection of shiny ideas attract and amuse readers. Sometimes I take things that I shouldn’t, like a magpie, I steal it from somewhere – like the occasional picture. I did that recently and I think I upset a friend – probably not with the visceral nature of the blog but by taking something connected to them, especially when they have given so much, so many ideas for my blog for free! Only they know - it's all anonymous - but if they know, it makes it personal. Sorry!
Sometimes I get the most amazing comments, more often emailed or inboxed in facebook to say something really positive about my blog. It has been referred to as LOL funny, educational, entertaining, embarrassing (sorry), thought-provoking and upsetting. Given those were intended outcomes I am amazed that the blog works and humbled by the feedback!  Thank you! (I would love you to write it on the blog though. I can understand why you would not want to be officially associated with the blog but don’t be shy – you can comment anonymously! I have also added a ‘reactions’ tick box so you can just say whether you liked it or not!)
I have some regular commenters: My mother, the Mrs Magoo of blog comments, bless her! I know I can always rely on my Mom! And to commenter(s) who is (are) far funnier than I could ever hope to be – Thank you! And to everyone, friends and strangers who are moved to say something… anything… Thank you!
Thank you also to all the people I know, especially in America, who remain my friends, knowing that they are at risk of being blogged by a passing comment, verbally, on facebook or email or by a shared experience! Thank you to all who supply me with endless material, knowingly or unknowingly!
Thank you to everyone who admits to 'following' my blog.  I have regular readers (many who do not openly admit it!), who read my blog on a daily or regular basis. I know this can be difficult as I churn them out almost daily – Those who have had the misfortune to work with me will know I place unreasonable expectations at work. I do this with blog writing – deadlines, quantity (occasionally quality). I have to remind myself when I get stressed that I haven’t posted a blog, it isn’t work… I don’t have to. Thank you for reading it and sticking with it and to the occasional visitors who dip in and out! Also to friends who read it when it really isn’t to their taste. I have dear friends, who I know would be horrified by the swearing and crude, lewd and rude content, who read it anyway for me (sorry and thank you).
And finally - to my husband who made it all possible by dismantling my life in the UK and not quite reconstructing it in America and driving me to madness - you owe me some 'sorrys' and 'thank yous' ! Jewels and exotic holidays will do!

Gushing enough? Too many sorrys? Too many thank yous? Not mentioned? I can’t name you personally.  All roads lead to perdition!

Here’s to the next 100! All you need to do is hope I never win an Oscar – my speech would be worse than Gwyneth Paltrow’s (top 10 worst speeches ever!)  for best actress. At least if you plugged your ears she was ok to look at!


  1. Well.... I'm glad you've got that off your chest !! x

  2. Looks like Bin Laden took umbridge to not getting a mention

  3. It is us who should be thanking you for giving us so much pleasure by reading them. I look on them as my daily fix. They make laugh and also make me proud. THANKYOU xxxxx

  4. Keep blogging Jane, always a good read.
    As for speeches, Sean Flanagan (Maths teacher) still holds the reocrd at work! But you are so much pretty-er than him :-)

  5. I remember the speech well - hours of it with me sat just behind him pulling faces that he couldn't see - maybe that's what kept him going - he must have thought we were laughing with him not at him!