Saturday, July 2, 2011

Speak no Evil!

‘If you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all’!
I wrote a blog last night and printed it off for hubby to read before I posted it. ‘What do you think?’ I asked.
‘It’s another rant!’ he said. I was horrified. Another rant!!! I thought it was merely another ‘observational’ piece. I don’t want to rant – especially when I don’t feel that strongly about the content. I certainly don’t feel angry.  I conversed recently with an old university friend I haven’t seen in 20 years. He read my blog and emailed me to say I sound like Victor Meldrew! I don’t mean to. As I have said before it is easier to be funny when focussing on the ridiculous and absurd! There seems to be so much of that here!
My niece arrived for a visit to the states this week. She is soooo excited to be here and is delighted to spot all things American. She thought it was great that she got caught out ordering chips when she meant fries. Chips are crisps here and when crisps turn up instead of the big fat hot British chips you were expecting it can be such a disappointment. Not for her! She loves the fact that people gush over our accents wherever we go. She loves the weird big trucks, the silly words such as sidewalk, the weather…especially the weather. Me? I have blogged about all the things she loves in a moany Victor Meldrew style. I don’t seem to have anything nice to say about those things…. Apart from I love having a visitor who sees such things in a refreshing way… mind you, she doesn’t have to live here!
I like to think of myself as a fairly optimistic, cheery sort of person (I can hear my friends spiting their beer out at that one!). I certainly don’t take pleasure in moaning, I don’t like offending people. I worry about what people will think and I analyse everything to death! Maybe I should try writing cheery, jolly, happy, loved-up  blogs to prove that I can do it.
Maybe… but meanwhile I will have to post yesterday’s rant …and find something cheery and jolly to write about! J


  1. Glad she putting a more positive spin on things for you - you may not find it so cheery after two weeks of it xxx

  2. I'm glad you have a little peice of home staying with you for a bit. :D

  3. Happy Independence Day - do they do reruns of old movies? When is Will Smith on with the alien space ship - one of our favourite (sorry favorite) films. It is good to know that we can always rely upon the good ole US of A to get us out of any alien problems.

    Rant on I say!


  4. I happen to love your rants if thats what you want to call them. I find them funny and informative, so rant on. As much as i enjoyed my holiday with you and did'nt want to come home (that was because i was with you).I would'nt want to live there permantly.

  5. My rant, the bl00dy th1ng wont let me login!
    Jason said:
    If you post to many cheery, jolly, happy, loved-up blogs, we will have to rant back :-). Think yourself lucky I have not visited, I would be spotting all things American constantly, having never been there...