Sunday, October 9, 2011

By the Time I get to Houston…

Driven by boredom and inspired by songs sung by the great Glenn Campbell – not least because I am now living just 4o miles or so from Galveston- I decided to rework a cover of Glen Campbell’s – ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’. (if you don’t know the tune I’ve added the original) I’ve done it as though Barry White – who is driving the removals van with my furniture and other personal items from North Carolina to Texas – is singing it to me. I was concerned that my things might not get to Houston when the removals firm couldn’t find us in North Carolina a week ago. My concerns were well founded. I waved goodbye to my things on Tuesday, being assured I would be reunited with them, in Houston, on Friday. Thursday we were told the truck had broken down but it would be fixed by the morning. The saga continued until Barry was too afraid to phone with the latest update today, having spun a yarn for the last 3 days. He got the company director to call! Apparently Barry will be here in the morning….

Sing along if you know the tune!
By the time I get to Atlanta you’ll be arriving
in your new house in Texas with no furniture at all
You’ll be excited to think that I’ll still be on my way and driving
But that would make you a silly fool

By the time I make Louisiana You’ll be desperate
After two nights with no TV, sitting on the floor
But I’ll be phoning to tell you I’ve got an oil leak
and the truck wont be moving any more

By the time I make Houston, You’ll be crying
Shouting ‘where the F**K are you?' And banging your head on blank walls
I’ll tell you your stuff will arrive in the morning
Just 5 days later than we promised you so
You silly optimist, didn’t you know we were on a go slow?


  1. Sounds more like Frank Spencer than Barry White!!!
    "I'll fix it in the morning" :-)

  2. That was brill. Not saying any more in case i can't post again.

  3. That was brill.Not saying any more in case i can't post again.

  4. bought jo tickets to see Glenn on his 'goodbye tour' at Symphony Hall - hope he sings this version!

  5. He might not remember the words!